Dating Tips From The 1930s That Still Apply To Millennials

Looking for some old-school dating advice that still holds up today? Check out these tips from the 1930s that are just as relevant for millennials. From being a good listener to showing respect, these timeless tips will never go out of style. So put down the dating apps for a minute and click here for some classic dating wisdom that's worth a try.

In today's fast-paced and technology-driven world, dating can feel overwhelming and confusing. With so many new rules and expectations, it's easy to feel lost in the modern dating scene. However, believe it or not, there are some dating tips from the 1930s that still hold true for millennials. These timeless tips can help you navigate the often murky waters of modern dating and find success in your romantic endeavors.

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The Importance of Courting

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One of the biggest dating tips from the 1930s that still applies to millennials is the importance of courting. In the 1930s, courting was a formal process of getting to know someone with the intention of marriage. While millennials may not be as focused on marriage as previous generations, the concept of courting is still relevant. Taking the time to truly get to know someone before jumping into a relationship can help you build a strong foundation for a lasting connection.

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In the age of online dating and casual hookups, it's easy to skip the courting phase and jump straight into a relationship. However, taking the time to court someone can help you establish trust, build a deeper connection, and ensure that you're truly compatible before committing to a relationship.

Traditional Gender Roles

In the 1930s, traditional gender roles played a significant role in dating and relationships. While society has evolved since then, there are still some aspects of traditional gender roles that can be beneficial in modern dating. For example, men taking the lead in planning and paying for dates can show respect and consideration for their partners.

Similarly, women can still appreciate and reciprocate these gestures while also embracing their independence. By understanding and respecting each other's roles and expectations, millennials can navigate modern dating with greater ease and understanding.

The Art of Conversation

In the 1930s, the art of conversation was highly valued in dating. With the absence of smartphones and social media, people relied on face-to-face communication to connect and get to know each other. While technology has made communication more accessible, the value of meaningful conversation remains the same.

Millennials can benefit from the 1930s approach to dating by prioritizing meaningful conversations and deep connections. Putting down the phone and engaging in genuine conversations can help build a strong emotional connection and foster a deeper understanding of each other.

Respect and Chivalry

Chivalry was a cornerstone of dating in the 1930s, and it's a value that still holds weight in modern dating. Showing respect and consideration for your date, whether you're a man or a woman, can go a long way in building a healthy and lasting relationship.

Simple acts of kindness, such as opening doors, pulling out chairs, or offering to pay for a meal, can show respect and appreciation for your date. These small gestures can make a big impact and help create a positive and respectful dating experience.


While dating in the 1930s may seem worlds apart from modern dating, there are still valuable lessons that millennials can learn from this era. By embracing the importance of courting, understanding traditional gender roles, prioritizing meaningful conversation, and showing respect and chivalry, millennials can navigate the modern dating scene with greater ease and success. By incorporating these timeless tips into their dating lives, millennials can create meaningful and lasting connections in the digital age.